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My Travel Must-Haves


I'm back from my summer travel adventure! 

A couple weeks ago, Stoan and I left on an special trip to Europe. We spent a few days in London, then headed to the Greek Islands (Mykonos and Santorini) to meet up with my family, and finished off with a quick round of some of my favorite Italian cities (Venice, Florence, and Rome). It was such an incredible experience filled with vibrant memories I'll cherish forever! 

With the start of summer, a lot of people are gearing up to travel. I often get asked if I take my oils with me. Short answer; YES! Essential oils help us take care of ourselves in any situation that life may throw at us. They become a lifestyle choice, so it's hard to go a day without them!  Also, they're pretty much the most versatile and simple first aid kit you can bring. 

In the spirit of my travels, I want to share the oils & blends I brought with me on this trip and tips on how to pack them up.

The 8 Oils I Traveled With:

1. Deep Blue Roller

Deep Blue was definitely the most used oil on this trip! We took a 10 hour red eye from Los Angles to London and to say I was sore would be an understatement. My entire body felt achy, and my neck ended up extremely stiff (not a great way to start a trip). As soon as we got to our hotel room, I made sure to massage deep blue onto the achy areas. It relieved so much of the discomfort! It also came in handy for our sore feet after long days of exploring these cities by foot. Deep blue is an oil I highly recommend bringing on your trips! 

2. DigestZen Roller

When traveling to a new country, you never know how your stomach may react to the different environments, foods, spices, water, and so much more. DigestZen roller is in my purse, near me, at all times! One swipe on the lower abdominals does wonders for a stomach that's acting up. 

3. On Guard Beadlets

It's so important to keep your immune system strong while traveling. With little sleep and tight confined spaces, it's too easy to catch a bug! On Guard is a powerful oil filled with immune boosting properties, and high in antioxidants, to help keep you healthy. I particularly like to pack the beadlets because they're small enough to keep in your pocket, and super easy to pop a few when needed! 


4. Frankincense

Frankincense is arguably the most versatile oil there is. I always tell my customers, "When in doubt, use Frankincense". It's a great one to have on you at all times. If a problem shows up, and you don't have the particular oil recommended, you can most likely use frankincense instead! 
During this trip, I used it everyday over sunburns to repair any damage to my skin. After 7 days in the Greek sun, I'm happy to say this oil worked like a charm (can't say I'm surprised though)!  

5. Lavender

Lavender is another versatile oil to have on you. I've used it to calm anxious feelings while traveling, to help me fall asleep at night, to combat jet lag, and over any skin irritations (i.e. razor burns, rashes, etc). I like to call it my "first aid in a bottle"!

6. Melissa

Unfortunately, I have a history of suffering from nasty cold sores. However, ever since I've had melissa on my side, I've been fortunate enough to avoid any outbreak! I'll never leave the house without this oil. If I feel like something may be coming on, I'll immediately add some onto my lips. (warning: I like to apply this on neat, but this may cause stinging. It's a very strong oil. Always dilute with a carrier oil to avoid irritation!)
This one's an expensive one, but well worth every penny to me!

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7. Peppermint

Bringing peppermint along on this trip was a no brainer! The summer heat really drained us in the Greek Islands and Rome. It felt as if we were stuck in a vacuumed oven (not the most pleasant feeling). A few drops of peppermint around our neck, and in our drinking water did the trick to keep us cooler. I also used it for head tensions, bug bites, and other skin cooling needs.

8. Lemon

Last but not least, you'll want to bring Lemon! It's a great oil for detox and cleansing. It ended up being useful many times! I tend to eat a lot more than usual on vacation, and I definitely did not hold back on the carbs in Italy. So I made sure to detox my body, by adding a drop of lemon in my water every morning! I also used some lemon and water to cleanse off any dirty surfaces (i.e my eating trays, buttons, and other bacteria infested places on planes & trains)! 


Packing Tips:

Because I'm oil obsessed and left on a longer trip, I packed up the full size bottles of each mentioned above. I securely put them in a special case made for essential oils! I had no trouble bringing these bottles in my carry-on. Some airports asked me to place them in a plastic bag along with my other liquids. 

If you're only traveling for a few days, I definitely recommend transferring your oils into travel size vials, and packing them in a handy travel keychain case! You can attach the keychain to a bag, some keys, or just throw it in a small purse. These vials hold 2ml of oil, which is more than enough for a shorter trip!

Blog Post #2, Pic 8.jpg

My trip to Europe was nothing short of amazing! We had such an incredible time, and having my oils with me made things so much easier! I hope this post inspired you to take your oils along your adventures as well. You'll be so happy you did. :) 

Don't forget to leave a note or question below! I would love to know which oils you like to travel with, and any other tips that have worked for you in the past! 


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